MCLINC now offers email notification of system downtime for library users who subscribe to this service.  Our goal is to provide you with:


       Advance notice of online catalog downtime (e.g. due to software upgrades),

       Notification of network failures that take the MCLINC website or library catalog offline for extended periods of time, and/or

       Notification when the website or library catalog is back online.


Messages will be sent in Text-Only and will never include attachments.


If you are interested in receiving notices such as those described above, please email to  You need not include any text in your message.  If you experience any difficulties in emailing MCLINC please call us at 610-238-0580 and ask for Frank Curatolo or Yardell Perkins.


Note: Your email address will be used solely for the purpose of providing this notification, and will not be shared with any party beyond MCLINC.  


Our messages are sometimes blocked by security tools on the home PC.  If you use a spam filter, please set it to permit mail from ""  Your notices will not be issued from the Webmaster account.  If you do not receive our messages after subscribing, please contact us at 610-238-0580.